digital sunday – Workshops

Addis 3 08:30 - 09:45 30.09.2018
Workshop DS07
Smartphones in Ophthalmology
Smartphones gain increasing popularity, and due to their ubiquity and multifunctionality might pave the way for the next revolution in medicine. This is especially the case in Ophthalmology, where they allow for smartphone-based funduscopy, an easy and extremely mobile eye examination. This workshop will highlight current promising applications of smartphones in Ophthalmology.
Robert Patrick Finger (Bonn)
Maximilian Wintergerst (Bonn)
Heiko Philippin (Moshi)
Priya Morjaria (London)
Tim U. Krohne (Bonn)
Screening for retinopathy of prematurity often requires fundus examinations in remote settings outside the eye clinic, documentation of fundus findings for later re-evaluation by senior ophthalmologists, and assessment of hard-to-judge fundus signs such as plus disease. An increasing number of software tools are becoming available to assist the examining ophthalmologist with these different tasks.
Heiko Philippin (Moshi)
Maximilian Wintergerst (Bonn)
Nil Celik (Heidelberg)