Do 27.9.2018

Workshops am Donnerstag 27.9.2018:

H-1-01 10:15 - 11:30 27.09.2018
Workshop WS01
Toxicity of medical devices used in the posterior segment
Retinal toxicity/biocompatibility of medical devices in direct contact with the retina is an important subject for clinicians and scientists. The past has taught us multiple times that there is a significant lack of safety associated with severe loss of vision in affected patients. In this EURETINA initiative we want to classify medical products that are used in the back of the eye, describe recent examples of toxicity, critically reflect the regulations that exist and suggest improvements that can be done to ensure patient safety without hindering innovation.
Kai Januschowski (Tübingen)
Mario Romano (Mailand)
Ramin Tadayoni (Paris)
Kai Januschowski (Tübingen)
Martin Spitzer (Hamburg)
Mario Romano (Mailand)
Radu Ivanescu (Timisoara)
Since the first introduction in the early 70’s, long acting gases have become indispensable for nowadays surgical outcomes.However there is not so much information concerning Retinal toxicity. Out of 1058 Studies on PubMed addressing the use of Gases as intra-ocular tamponades just 22 look at retinal toxicity. The presentation is a review of published data and rationale for the development of new markers and protocols for evaluating the retinal toxicity of gases.
Karl Thomas Boden (Saarbrücken)